Friday, July 31, 2009

Speakerdog series 6 up for download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesssssssssss speakerdog series six out now!!! With over 250 too choose from this is the best of all series. I love speakerdogs and even more now that ben the illustrator had out done himself with so many designs by so many artists!!!

pick out your favorites and download here

Lynx up for customization

Saltnpaper has created a new papertoy that looks insanly cool. The Lynx can now be customized by anybody and everybody. Have fun customizing let alone building it.

Either way in the end your can download a blank Lynx by asking saltnpaper

Stripe Out My World set 3

Sorry about no post in the past few days Ive been feeling very tired now but anyway here is Zakane's 3rd set for his Stipe Out My World series including a striped Nanibird, Speakerdog, and Twitch customs. Good work and cant wait for more papertoys.

Download these 3 here

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boxpunx Endless Series-The Terror Twins

The creator of Boxpunx Harlancore has created a new series known as the endless series and started of with 2 Boxdolls. Behold the horrific Terror Twins! An evil Brother-Sister team with knifes and have crazy hair...

Cant wait to see more in the endless series now just download the terror twins here

3eyedbears Killer

Maarten Janssens had made another papertoy to promote a horror magazine called Bloeddorst and came up with this knife weilding murderer. This creepy fellow is in a raincoat has a bloody knife a mask on his head and uh, obviously a decapitated head in his hand. Oh the horror.

either way make your own killer here
But beware and make at your own risk...

Dolly Oblong's Paper Cat Pack!

Dolly Oblong has released the final paper cat having all 4 of them in one fun paper cat pack. Theres (from left to right: Sunny, Ziggy, Tommie, and Bang Bang). Sunny is the newest member of this furry little pack and is a fun character indeed.

Download a 4 Cats here

So...... any paper dogs?....

Monday, July 27, 2009

WHACK up for download!

Brian Castleforte had outdone himself with a crazy new papertoy WHACK! It was first premiered at an Urban Paper toy show in California and has now been released along with a contest...

find out more and make your own whack here

Past Paper- Krampus

This time with Past Paper we will remember Christopher Bonnette's Fantastic Krampus papertoy. The Krampus is yet another one of my most favorite papertoys. This is a mythical creature from Austria and is pretty much the opesite of Santa Claus and shows up December 5 and enjoys scaring children who misbehave. The Krampus papertoy comes with a Fork a switch and a basket that he carries on his back and as you can see in the image above a frightend child is in it. I love the design and its sharp teeth and horns and of course the tounge.

Make Krampus here:
to download go click on the button that says download then the one that says papercraft and look eventually youll find Krampus

other info: Krampus is also in the book Urban Paper by Matt Hawkins

Watchmen Nanis

Horrorwood had customized 2 Nanibirds into Roschach and Night Owl from Watchmen the End is Nigh. The creator of the Nanibird is Mckibillo and he decided to stop releaseing them in sets and release all designs he gets anytime. I loved the Watchmen movie it was practically the best movie I ever saw. Watchmen is a great movie and I would have enjoyed the movie better if there werent so many damn annoying little kids there at the movie theater and let me tell you that movie is definately not for little kids at all. Either way also the Watchmen movie is available on DVD now.

sorry about rambling on about the movie and you should definately see it.

More info on Subwalk Urban Paper Show

Im just going to tell you who will be there, here are the artists
Sjors Trimbach, Maarten Janssens, Ringo Krumbiegel, Marshall Alexander, LouLou, Illectronics, and [mck]

Tommorrow I will show a papertoy that will be presented there.
I got this info from

Gatot Kaca

Indonesian artist Sal Azad released another papertoy based on old folk tales told in Indonesia. Gato Kaca had the power to fly and was known as the Airforce of Pandawa and his magic had victimized many of his enemies. Anyway I love it when Sal Azad creates new papertoys based on stories because it can be reanacted in papertoy form if you wanted to.

To hear more of the story of Gatot Kaca and to make youre own go to this link

Gutter Punk Crusty Bank

Bryan Green had released another papertoy to sponsor FREE williamsburg and this on can be used to hold your coins in. I enjoy papertoys that can be used for other things like this holds money like a piggy bank.
You can download it soon on soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Speaking of retro things I want to introduce a Cubee version of classic Video Game Console I love, the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) and Id like to introduce the Creator of the Cubee Chris Beaumont designs Cubee to look like pop culture characters from video games, movies, comic books and many others. I love playing with my NES and oldschool video games like Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Ice Climber, Excitebike, and My Favorite Donkey Kong!!!
Oh yeah I almost forgot you can use the NES cubee as a head to put on other cubees.

Download the NES here:
Now my only question is "What no R.O.B. cubee?"

Past Paper- Retrobot

I wanted to do this tomorrow but I decided what the hell lets do this. Past Paper is where I will present a papertoy that has been released for a while now to begin I decided on a classic, Retrobot from Marshall Alexander. Marshall Alexander makes papertoys based on old retro things from the 70's and 80's like movies, comic books, Retro Videogames, and toys. For example Retrobot is probably based on one of those old robot toys that used to be so popular back then. Retrobot is honestly one of my most favorite papertoys Ive ever seen so you could imagine why I would begin Past Paper with him....

So if you want to make your own Retrobot go to this link

Dont forget to make more of Marshalls awesome toys!

Subwalk Urban Paper Book Launch & Papertoy Art Show

The fantastic papertoy book Urban Paper by Matt hawkins has been released for quite a while now and they are gonna have the celebration of the realese of the book at Subwalk in the Neatherlands so Ive been told. Of course Im not gonna be there because I live in New York :(

either way I cant wait to see some pictures of this and many artists will be there like Matt Hawkins I beleive and Marshall Alexander who will be presenting 3 new papertoys and many more Im not sure because I havent heard anything else on whos gonna be there. Either way til then cant wait.

Grograsaurus Rex

2 days ago Jerom released one of his many announced papertoys this summer and this one is based on the new Ice Age movie. Presenting the king of all lizards Grograsaurus Rex! I just love this design and the details like the fork and knife in his 2 tiny arms.

Download your own Grograsaurus Rex here

Paper Pac

Today to begin I will present a papertoy made by the famous Matt Hawkins and his new papertoy called PaperPac that he made for the "We'll be back after these messages" show at the Rivet Gallery next month. This papertoy was based on the old Pac-Man cartoon some of you may have remembered...

Sorry there is no template for this papertoy(Im not surprised seems a bit difficult dont you think?) but here is the link to Matt Hawkins blog and be sure to make some of his papertoys!

Welcome to a new beginning!!!

I will post the newest papertoys to all of you paper fans and these are papertoys from great artist and will even give old papertoys already made in the past every now and then!