Monday, July 27, 2009

Past Paper- Krampus

This time with Past Paper we will remember Christopher Bonnette's Fantastic Krampus papertoy. The Krampus is yet another one of my most favorite papertoys. This is a mythical creature from Austria and is pretty much the opesite of Santa Claus and shows up December 5 and enjoys scaring children who misbehave. The Krampus papertoy comes with a Fork a switch and a basket that he carries on his back and as you can see in the image above a frightend child is in it. I love the design and its sharp teeth and horns and of course the tounge.

Make Krampus here:
to download go click on the button that says download then the one that says papercraft and look eventually youll find Krampus

other info: Krampus is also in the book Urban Paper by Matt Hawkins

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